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Building Dreams

starting from zero

Our shop underwent a remarkable evolution, starting as a humble kitchen operation in Waterford, Ireland, and transforming into a flourishing business. With determination and passion, we registered our business and established a dedicated lab in Johnstown Business Park. Stepping into the markets across Ireland, our authentic Italian tiramisù captured the hearts and palates of the locals. The overwhelming support and love from our customers propelled our success and solidified our position as the ultimate destination for exquisite desserts. With each delectable bite, we continue to build our legacy, delivering the finest Tiramisù Ireland has to offer, celebrating the fusion of Italian tradition and Irish charm.

Outdoor seating at the osteria

Special tiramisù

Traditional Italian Recipes

TIRAMISÙ from tirami su, means "pick me up" or "cheer me up".

Tiramisu is a family-favorite dessert made with energizing ingredients, including coffee. It has become an iconic symbol of our cuisine globally, reflecting its genuine simplicity.


While there are great versions available worldwide, the best tiramisu is still the one made at home.


What sets our tiramisu apart is the variety of flavors we create using Michela's grandmother's recipe and high-quality local ingredients.

Classic Tiramisu crafted at Tiramisù Da' Costa Family



our tiramisu

come and taste them



Da' Costa Family

Alex and Michela, owners of Tiramisù Da' Costa Family

Many who have been following our Tiramisù journey know that we lived in Rome, Italy.

In Italy, tiramisù is the most popular and famous dessert of them all, and you can have it in a lot of different flavors, shapes or recipes.

When we moved to Waterford, we never thought that we were going to start a business selling tiramisù. We heard a lot of good things about Ireland, the places, the people and the culture. Our son, James, was born here and is now 5 years old.

We tried almost all the Irish pastries but we had the feeling that something was missing ..something *ITALIANO* in your lives. So, one day, my husband asked me why not sell my tiramisù to our neighbors? At the beginning, I was skeptic, and I was laughing at him, telling him that's nonsense. But he insisted, and at the end I woke up in our kitchen making tiramisù for 20 people who had paid.

Then, we registered the business, and opened our lab in Johnstown Business Park Unit 26 in Waterford.

We are going into the markets around Ireland and we are thrilled that Irish people love our products and are very supportive. The name *Da'Costa Family* comes from my husband's and son's last names, which is Constantinescu.

The fact that there seem to be many, many others more successful than you doesn’t mean there isn’t space for you to succeed too. No industry ever says, "Nope, we’ve got enough gifted, influential people here. Please try somewhere else". There is opportunity and space for each one of us to come out on top in our chosen field of work. And we chose to deliver you the best of our Italian dessert, which is Tiramisù Da'Costa Family.

Success is like an iceberg! People only see the tip of the iceberg (success), however the REAL bulk of the iceberg is underwater and goes completely unseen. The majority of the volume represents the hard work, focus, learning, grit & persistence that are required to form that wondrous, icy tip. Success doesn’t come by luck, accident or ease. It costs us something. My husband & I have shifted responsibilities depending on the different seasons of our business. Unavoidable sleepless nights should be followed by some proper form of recuperation, and if one of us is feeling stressed or pressured, I always open up to someone for help. You cannot be your most effective self if you’re not looking after YOURSELF (body, soul, mind) & your family. *Rome wasn't built in a day* And neither is a Tiramisù empire. But we are building every day to achieve our goal and bring the best of our Tiramisù to you. It’s actually possible to make a career out of something you love.

"Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out." Robert Collier

With love, Alex & Michela

Tiramisù Da'Costa Family

Logo of Tiramisù Da' Costa Family
“That kiss that has the soft consistency of mascarpone cream, the aftertaste of bitter cocoa and the energy of coffee.” 


our coffee


Trá, a tea and coffee brand ran by two ex-Army veterans who served their country for over 42 years, including 8 tours of duty as UN peacekeepers in countries such as Liberia, Lebanon, and Chad. Our experiences witnessing the struggles of people in underprivileged nations inspired us to create a brand that not only provides a great cup of tea and coffee but also supports growers in these countries to sell their products into European markets.

At Trá, we take great pride in our commitment to ethical and

sustainable tea and coffee production. That's why we've joined the Ethical Tea Partnership and roast our own coffee in-house, ensuring quality control at every step, to deliver to you delicious, premium quality coffee, or as I like to call it, happiness in a cup. We believe that ethical and sustainable production can create a better future for growers in underprivileged countries.

When you choose Trá, you support a brand with a meaningful story and a mission to make a positive impact in the world. We also collaborate with charities that align with our values, continually expanding our impact.

This is why Tiramisù Da Costa Family chose Trá as our coffee supplier to #supportlocal and make a positive impact on the world.

Tra' coffee logo
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